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Business owners and their employees are encouraged to join an East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce committee. They serve several purposes including: benefiting the Chamber and the community, and promoting the committee members' business through their involvement on the committee.


Economic Development and Government Affairs (EDGA)

  • Committee members provide feedback on issues affecting their business and/or the business community

  • They follow local and state government affairs; i.e., legislative issues affecting the business community

  • Committee chairperson informs the board of directors about issues affecting the business community. Committee chairperson and/or executive director addresses these issues in a public forum, based on the findings of the committee and the decision of the board of directors

  • Ad hoc committees are appointed as needed to study specific issues relating to the business community and submits findings to the full committee.

  • Some members attend City Council, Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings as needed. They provide reports with pertinent information to the full committee


  • Coordinates EPACC Annual Meeting and all special events for the Chamber

  • Obtains business sponsors for Business After Hours and special events

Sub committees of Events Committee:

  • Touch-A-Truck

  • Annual Meeting

  • Watchemoket Square Day


  • Cultivates members, especially new and inactive

  • Visits EPACC members. Provides feedback to the Chamber regarding needs and issues of concern to members.

  • Each month, ambassadors are provided with a list of businesses to contact

  • Serves as hosts and greeters for the Chamber's monthly Business After Hours, Business During Hour and attends as many Chamber events as possible



East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce

1011 Waterman Avenue

East Providence, Rhode Island 02914

Phone: 401-438-1212        Fax: 401-435-4581

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